Staged Homes and home staging

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Staged Homes case studies

There is some debate about the value of staged homes.  Some real estate professionals (particularly those who don't offer staging services) claim that staging a home doesn't really add value, and that staging is simply a way of deceiving the home buyer. 

I strongly disagree with this assessment of staged homes for a couple of reasons:

First of all, the appearance of a home matters a great deal.  Ask yourself this: What is your first impression of a home with overgrown bushes, long grass, and tons of dandelions?  If you are a potential buyer, chances are you will not even get out of the car.  Home sellers and real estate agents realize this, and take pains to improve the exterior curb appeal by cutting the grass, planting flowers, and trimming the bushes.  Home staging is no different, except that it takes place inside the home.

Second, there is no intent to deceive the buyer with staged homes.  I always advise home sellers to fix problems with their homes, or to fully disclose the fact that the home is in need of repair.  Disclosures are always in the best interests of the seller, because hidden problems that are turned up by a home inspection later can cause a sale to fall through.  The true purpose of home staging is to allow potential buyers to see the home's true potential.  If you present your house as a dump, then buyers will see it as such and will make offers accordingly, or more likely, not at all!  But if you take some care in presenting your home, then buyers will see its true worth and will make an offer.

Third, information on staged homes is freely available to buyers on the internet.  I fully expect that buyers and well as sellers will be reading my website, and I invite them to make use of the resources found here.  Generally, I find that buyers who are aware of how home staging works can still be impressed by a home that is well-presented.  The well-informed buyer who has done their homework knows not only the value of your home, but the value of other homes in the neighborhood as well, and is usually willing to pay fair market value if the home is a match for their tastes and lifestyle.  Staging homes is my way of ensuring that my clients' homes will be a close match to what buyers are seeking.

I encourage you to come to your own conclusions about home staging by reading case studies of homes that I have staged.  By comparing before and after photos of staged homes, you will be able to see the difference that staging makes and make an informed decision as to whether home staging adds value or not. 

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