Staged Homes, Home Staging, Real Estate Staging

Staged Homes, Home Staging, Real Estate Staging

Professional Chicago home staging Northwest Suburbs


Why hire a professional stager for Chicago home staging in the Northwest Suburbs? 

Chicago home staging really helps to sell homes


Did you know that a 2004 survey of realtors show that 2/3 of Realtors estimate that a staged home in show-to-sell condition sells for 10% to 20% higher?

FREE home staging in Schaumburg


You can get your home staged for free in Schaumburg or free real estate staging in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs when you list your home with Betty Cunningham

Illinois home staging and real estate staging


Home staging, also known as real estate staging, can present your home in the best possible light to potential buyers. 

Chicago home staging


If you are located in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and are looking for expert home staging or real estate stating, Betty Cunningham can help you.

Staging works wonders


It's not too difficult to stage a home if you know what you're doing.

Does home staging work?


Does home staging work? You bet it does!

Staged homes sell


Some people don't believe it but staged homes sell!

Home staging advice


If you are looking for home staging advice, you can find a lot of it at

Home staging really works


A large number of homes that I list sell in under a month.